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Signing of the Forever GI Bill

Summary of the Forever GI Bill:

  • It removes the time restriction to use the GI Bill for future eligible recipients and those who were discharged on or after January 1, 2013.
  • Provides increase funding for Reservists, Guardsmen, dependents, and surviving spouses and dependents.
  • Provides 100%  eligibility to Post-9/11 Purple Heart recipients.
  • Provides GI Bill eligibility to Reservists and Guardsmen who are currently being put on active duty and convalescent medical leave orders that do not currently accrue GI Bill eligibility.
  • Provides an extra academic years’ worth of Post-9/11 benefits for over 3,300 veterans (per year) to help them finish a STEM degree.
  • Create a pilot program that would pay for veterans to take certain high technology courses (coding boot camps, IT certifications, etc.) and provide living stipends.
  • Make it easier and cheaper for veterans to use their GI Bill to take national test or licensing and credentialing tests.
  • Restore eligibility for service members whose school closes in the middle of a semester (ex. ITT tech and Corinthian).
  • Authorize funding for IT improvements to ensure that GI Bill claims are processed quickly and accurately.

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